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Due to postal charge increases unfortunately we have had to increase our postal Charges   

   ​​​​​​We will be continuing reruns on some of our previous Limited Edition Wagons in 2024 Fremlins in January and Mackesons in February  . 

 Just to let people know Erith will be moving their show , from Longfield in 2025 to  a new  venue in Thamesmead , details to follow

Fremlins Wagons and Mackesons now on sale

we have sold out of Fremlins Pristine

Someone who pre ordered a Fremlins  and was waiting for a Mackeson's one i Have it for you can you give us a ring please

We  have a lot of new Hornby products now coming in Original Merchant Navy's  Class 66s , 2MTs etc. 

Something Different With the Custom Locos . We are putting a brief history of the locos at which sheds they were based, and when Introduced and withdrawn.  Hope this helps people with their period layouts.




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