Stonehall Colliery (Lydden) 5 Plank Wagon Pristine Limited Edition

Product code: Limited Edition

History/Product information

Stonehall Colliery was started in 1913 by two French brothers. A range of surface buildings were erected, but in 1914 following the outbreak of the First World War, Colliery was abandoned. the owners returned to France .

The French company that took over Guilford Colliery purchased the Colliery which had been  left derelict until 1919 . The Colliery was abandoned again in 1921 and partly demolished.

Stonehall Colliery (Lydden) 5 Plank Pristine

Made by Dapol exclusive to us

OO gauge (1;76 Scale)

Running Number 22

50 made

Technical specifications

Brand Dapol
Condition New
Product Code Limited Edition